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On this page you will learn more about Bruce, or Brucee lol

Bruce's Details:

Status: In a relationship

Here for: Networking, Friends

Orientation: Straight
Body type: 185cm / Slim / Slender
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
ren: Someday

Brucee's Schools
Hawkesbury, Canada
Graduated:  N/A

2007 to Present

ccupation: pimpin LOL

New and Improved Ultimate About Me*: Basics: Name: Bruce,Blais Date of Birth: October 25th 1990 Birthplace: CANADA,Hawkesbury Current Location: Ont, Canada Eye Color: Green Hair Color: brown Height: 6 ft 1 Heritage: French and English Piercings: none Tattoos: None Favourite: Movie: I dont know.. i like action movies Food: Pizza!! Pizza topping: Pepperoni Ice-Cream Flavor: Vanilla Drink (alcoholic): b52's shots Soda: cream soda Store: audio store Shoe Brand: vk Season: Summer! Month: July Holiday/Festival: Christmas Flower:dont know This or That Sunny or rainy: Sunny Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla Fruit or veggie: Fruit Night or day: both Sour or sweet: Sweet and sour! Love or money: Love Phone or in person: In person Looks or personality: A little bit of both!! <3 Coffee or tea: coffee Hot or cold: both Your: Goal for this year: finish school Best physical feature: dont know First thought waking up: what am i doing? Hypothetical personality disorder: ??? Preferred type of plastic surgery: Natural is always better!!! Sesame street alter ego: dont fuckin know Fairytale alter ego: what a fuckin crazy question!! Most stupid remark: I dont know..? Worst crime: break girl hearts Greatest ambition: Well i dont really know.. Really just to succed my life! Greatest fear: die!! Favorite subject: hmmmmmm!!! Strangest received gift: remote control Worst habit: I dont have any..! Do You: Smoke: No..! Drink: sometimes Curse: fuck no!! Shower daily: Of course!! Like thunderstorms: Ya! Dance in the rain: Why not!? Sing: sometimes Play an instrument: drums but i sold mine:( Get along with your parents: Yes!! Wish on stars: no! Believe in fate: Ya! :) Believe in love at first sight: Yess Can You: Drive: Yes!! Sew: Not really..! Cook: Ya! Speak another language: Ya!! Dance: Yes!!! Sing: Not bad..! Touch your nose with your tongue: Almost! Whistle: ya..! :) Curl your tongue: Ya! Have You Ever: Been Drunk: hell yeah..! Been Stoned/High: never...! Eaten Sushi: yeah damn good..! Been in Love: Yes hope id be again!! <3 Skipped school: never..! Made prank calls: yeah..! Sent someone a love letter: Ya..! Stolen something: Just little things when i was young... Candy, gum.. Cried yourself to sleep: ?? Other Questions: What annoys you most in a person? Prejudice What is your bedtime? Whenever i am tired...! Name three things you can't live without: 1. Family and friends 2. Music 3. Water! XD What is the color of your room? White.. Do you have any siblings? Ya!! My lil Bro!! Do you have any pets? a fucking cat Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? Of course not!! What is you middle name? not telling... What are you nicknames? lil buck Do you have a crush on anyone? nah <3 Are you afraid of the dark? no! How do you want to die? In peace and laughing and Old if possible..! What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day? a box Would you take a bullet for the one you love? Well ya...! What is the last law you’ve broken? Hum....! In a Member of the Opposite Sex: Hair color: Whatever! Eye color: Whatever! Height smaller than me!! Weight Whatever! Most important physical feature: Nice.ile! Biggest turn-off your mom lol jk .comments {visibility:hidden;display:none;}

About Bruce

Bruce is the kind of guy who will help out a stranger and his friends without

thinking of himself. He is out going, kind, responible and courageous. He lives with

his mom, dad and brother while he is finishes his grade 12. He is funny and is very easy

to talk to. He is very much liked by his friends at school and even has a great job. His goal

when he has completed his grade 12 is to go to college or university to become a cop. There is alot

more great things that can be said about Bruce but I guess you will have to get to know him


You can e-mail bruce at